Anonymous asked: Pretty sure that anon was the "she" who was looking for you.

I thought it might have been but I highly doubt it. She is a pretty direct person haha. If she wanted to talk to me, she knows how to get a hold of me and knows I have no ill will towards her and what happened between us. Which is why I don’t believe it’s her sending me anonymous things in my inbox.


Derrick Rose — Chicago Bulls


Derrick Rose — Chicago Bulls


candids of Aubrey playing basketball with her team The Pistol Shrimps


Anonymous asked: She scanned the bleachers before she was told you weren't there. She was definitely looking for you.

Just because she scanned the bleachers doesn’t mean she was looking for me yo. Also, if you want to keep discussing this please get off anon and talk to me as a real person. Not that anything between me and her concern you anyways.


Anonymous asked: She looked for you tonight

If this is referring to who I think it’s referring to, I was made aware she attended tonights game from a friend of mine but I fairly certain she was NOT looking for me. I’m sure she just wanted to see the band and guard.

Went to sisters first marching band competition tonight… They placed 6 out of 6 in their division and scored the lowest out of all bands competing that evening… I am sad for my sisters about that happening but I’m glad to see that it wasn’t me who was the “problem” when I was an instructor their last season. Hopefully they do get better though.


Matt and Kim are simply awesome, just like their music.

Album Art


    ”Unforgettable in every way 
    And forever more, that’s how you’ll stay 
    That’s why, darling, it’s incredible 
    That someone so unforgettable 
    Thinks that I am unforgettable too”

ArtistNat King Cole
Album Art
ArtistMichael Jackson
TitleRemember the Time

Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Rhapsody


Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Rhapsody

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My favorite time of the year is upon us, which is the end of October. Not because of Halloween but because it’s when marching band season goes into full swing and it’s the start of the NBA season. I can’t wait! haha

I just wanna go home and take a nap and study for my test after class. But I have to work from 2:30-10:30 now 😔

Album Art

When you’re lonely press play
‘Cause you’re not resolved in your heart
You’re waiting for me
To improve

Been really digging this song a lot lately

ArtistDamon Albarn
TitleLonely Press Play
AlbumEveryday Robots
Album Art


"Changing Seasons"

Persona 3 Original Soundtrack

ArtistTomoko Komiya
TitleChanging Seasons
AlbumPersona 3 Original Soundtrack
Album Art

I just kissed a girl named Maria!
And suddenly I found,
How wonderful a sound,
Can be!
Say it loud and there’s music playing.
Say it soft and it’s almost like praying.

ArtistWest Side Story OST
AlbumWest Side Story